5th over: England 43-1 (Roy 21, Malan 0) Jadeja comes on and first ball Roy swats him straight back down the ground for six! The ball is lost somewhere under the black sightscreen tarpaulin to provide a brief breather. In fact, the ball is lost and has to be replaced. A dot is followed by a short-armed bunt from Roy that brings him another four. All timing. Jadeja rattles through the overs, he keeps even the quickest OBO scribe honest.

4th over: England 32-1 (Roy 10, Malan 0) Dawid Malan is the new batter, he tries a huge swipe at his first ball but only gets an inside edge into his big toe. Ouch. Khan bangs one in down the leg side for a wide. Another slower ball beats Malan and dribbles through to Pant.

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